Membership Rates

Memberships & Guest Policy

If you would like to join us at the Dartmouth Yacht Club for the 2024 season, please complete the application and return the forms with your check payable to Dartmouth College to:

John Brady
6083 Alumni Gym
Hanover, NH 03755

Once the maximum membership cap has been reached, a waiting list will be started for the 2025 season. If you think that any of your family friends might be interested in joining you for the summer, please encourage them to do so soon. All membership applications will have first-come, first-served priority.

Please note that single memberships are considered individual memberships and do not offer guest privileges to immediate family and household members. As always, your out-of-town guests are most welcome to join you for the day!

Guest Policy

It is our desire for you to bring your out-of- town guests, visiting family, as well as local friends and children's play mates to enjoy the lake. It is asked that you sign in the number of members and guests in your party on the clipboard by the boathouse. There are no additional fees for your guests. It is important to maintain the value of your membership to the facility, so it is requested that local families that accompany you on a repetitive basis become members themselves.

Group parties, gatherings, and functions may not be held at the facility without prior permission from the manager.

Dartmouth Minors Protection Policy

Single Memberships

Single memberships are considered individual memberships and are not intended to include family members who should be part of a family membership.

  • Single Dartmouth Undergraduate Student: $ 75.00
  • Single Dartmouth Graduate Student: $95.00
    • Full-time student, possessing a Dartmouth College ID or directory inclusion
  • Single Dartmouth/DHMC Employee, Alumnus or Enfield Resident: $165.00
  • Single Community Member: $185.00
  • Race (Use of boats by a non-member for Tuesday night racing only): $60.00


DYC Application

Family Memberships

Family memberships apply to the immediate family of the member defined as those family members residing in the same household as the member. Children, once they are living alone, are not considered immediate family. College-aged children home for the summer and residing with a member will be considered immediate family. Family members who are not immediate family may visit the club as outlined in the guest policy.

  • Family- Dartmouth Graduate Student: $140.00
  • Dartmouth Employee/DHMC, Alumnus (and their immediate family), Enfield Residents: $255
  • Community - Family: $275

DYC Application