COVID-19 Impact

In light of the current health crisis, all athletic facilities remain closed until further notice.

There are several virtual physical education classes being offered during summer term 2020 as well as a few virtual FLIP classes available for the community.

The College has suspended the requirements of a successful swim test and all remaining physical education credits for those undergraduate students who are graduating at the conclusion of summer ('20), fall, winter, or spring terms of the 2020-21 academic year and have not yet met these requirements.

Summer 8 v. 8 Soccer Rules

Information & Rules

  • Dartmouth Intramurals are for Dartmouth students, faculty and staff. To clarify : No alums,  parents, visitors, spouses, partners, friends, etc are eligible.
  • All players must wear athletic-type shoes. (No bare feet, flip-flops. Loafers, sandals, slippers, crocs, etc). Rubber cleats allowed.
  • A full team is 8 players; For Fall term, teams may start and finish with 6.
  • Men may play on only one men's team –Granite or Moosilaukae – not both. Women may play on one men's or women's team, not both. Players on women's or men's teams may also play on a co-rec team.
  • A forfeit is called if there is not a legal team on the field at game time. Games can start up to 10 minutes late and be shorted if both captains agree. A forfeit is called at 10 minutes past game time.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, (this includes all forms – smoke, smokeless, e-) urinating inappropriately, fighting, abusive behavior is not permitted at the fields. There is a port-a-let at the field – please instruct your players to use it
  • Intoxicated players will not be allowed on the field.
  • Varsity soccer players on current or previous year are not eligible for IM play.
  • After each game, officials will assign a sportsmanship rating to each team. Ratings are 0-3 with three (3) being given for exemplary conduct. The ratings will be averaged over the course of the regular season games and playoffs. Teams must have an average score of 2.0 to be playoff eligible and remain eligible during playoffs. Teams dropping below 2.0 in the playoffs will be eliminated from the tournament.