Outdoor Programs

The Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) helps to create opportunities for the Dartmouth community to explore and enjoy the amazing natural landscape of New England.

OPO/DOC Courses

Course name   Archery PE

Instructor   Michael Steel

Inclusive dates of the course   3/25/19 – 5/18/19

Meeting days and times: Saturday 10:30-1

Course location Sarner E/W(early term) & Dartmouth shooting range(later in term)


Course description

Learn the skill of Archery. Participants will learn how to safely and accurately shoot a recurve bow. Archers will learn proper shooting form which includes which muscles to utilize in drawing back the bow, correct breathing, and proper stance. Archers will build upper body strength, core strength, and mental focus.


Requirement for PE credit   Attend at least 8 practices

Max Number of students for enrollment   20

Course cost  $10


Course name:  Farm Fit


Instructor:         Laura Carpenter and Interns

Inclusive dates of the course: 3/25-5/20

Meeting days and times: Mondays 3:30pm-5:30pm

Course location:         Dartmouth Organic Farm


Course description:    Get your PE credit working outside growing food at the Dartmouth Organic Farm. Learn the basics of organic food production through hands-on experience with annual vegetable growing, greenhouse management, permaculture, and aquaponics. Classes will be held at the farm in the production greenhouses and fields. Students will become familiar with greenhouse tasks, seedling care, field preparation, transplanting and proper farm tool use.


Requirement for PE credit:  Students must attend 7 classes to get credit


Max Number of students for enrollment: 10


Course cost: $65

Financial aid is available to qualified students.





Course name: Hiking Overnight


Instructor: Tracie Williams, Lisa Kutolowski

Inclusive dates of the course: May 10-12

Meeting days and times: Leaving Friday 10th at 4pm returning Sunday the 12th at 6pm

Course location: Moose Mountain/Class of 66’ Lodge


Course description:

This is an introductory hiking and camping class in which students experience the versatility of Hanover geography first hand.  Heading just 8 miles away from campus, students will be taught the skills to safely navigate the wilderness as well as mountainous terrain. 

From the parking lot, students will hike the 3/4mile trek into the woods to class of 66 lodge with their backpacking, food and overnight gear.  Day one will be cabin orientation and maintenance, including safely chopping firewood, starting fires and cabin cooking.  Students will split into teams and forage for kindling and fiddlehead ferns for dinner. 

Saturday will see the students summiting Moose mountain with a 4.1 mile roundtrip trek  Sunday, the students will do another hike on the Chuck Pond Loop and will return to the car and back to campus by 6pm.


Requirement for PE credit: Entire weekend

Max Number of students for enrollment: 30

Course cost: $160


Course Name: Contemporary Theater Practices in Nature                                       


Instructor: Anne Furman ‘19                                                                                              

Inclusive Dates of the Course: 4/19-4/21                                                                         

Meeting Days and Times: Friday, 4/19 at 5:00pm through Sunday, 4/21 at 2:00pm   

Course Location: Ritchie Smith Cabin, Mt. Chocorua, Lincoln Woods                             


Course Description:


Note: This is Easter weekend.

This course leaves campus on the evening of Friday, 4/19 for Richie Smith Cabin. For dinner, basic camping skills  and course details incorporating hiking and a theater piece.  On Saturday, a 6.6 mile hike followed by theater pieces devised and performed by the students. There will be a 4 mile hike on Sunday before returning to campus.


Requirement for PE Credit: complete attendance of the course (both nights, all hikes/activities)      

Max Number of Students for Enrollment: 6                                                                       

Course Cost: $130


Course name: Leave No Trace Trainer Course


Instructor: Gunnar Johnson and Co-instructor

Dates of the course:

Meeting days and times: April 27th 7am overnight until April 28th at 5pm.

Course location: 66’ Cabin or Moosilauke Ravine Lodge


Course description

The two-day Leave No Trace Trainer Course is a vital component of the national Leave No Trace program. It is a condensed version of the Master Educator Course and is designed for educators, guides, agency employees, other outdoor professionals and anyone interested in learning more about minimum impact skills and ethics. This course covers the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace as well as techniques for disseminating these low impact skills.



7am depart campus to arrive at Ravine Lodge or 66’ Cabin to begin class.

2pm Depart Ravine Lodge or 66’ cabin to camp overnight


Continue to cover course content

Breakfast, lunch provided in the field

3pm Arrive at Ravine Lodge, course wrap-up and leave for campus by 5pm

Requirement for PE credit: Attend full 16 hour course. This includes arriving at 7am Saturday morning, camping Saturday night and departing by 5pm Sunday evening.

Max Number of students for enrollment: 8

Course cost: $150



Course name: Trad Class


Instructor: Dom Carrese and Kevin Gross

Inclusive dates of the course: 4/18, 4/20, 4/25, 4/27, 5/11 (alternate dates 5/16, 5/23)

Meeting days and times

Thursdays at 12:45-7pm and Saturdays at 8:30-5:30pm

Course location: Rumney, Cannon, Bolton, Cathedral


Course description


We will be teaching the essentials of traditional climbing. This course covers placing active and passive protection, building gear anchors, managing your rack, and cleaning gear. We will also go into pulley systems, multipitch strategies, and basic rescue techniques.

Requirement for PE credit: 3 classes

Max Number of students for enrollment: 6

Course cost: $200



Course name:                Wilderness First Aid


Instructor:                                       SOLO

Inclusive dates of the course: 5/4; 5/5

Meeting days and times:  8:30am-6pm

Course location:  Haldeman 41


 Course description:

The WFA is the perfect course for the outdoor enthusiast or trip leader who wants a basic level of first aid training for short trips with family, friends, and outdoor groups. It also meets the ACA guidelines.
The WFA is 16 hours long (two days), and focuses on the basic skills of: Response and Assessment, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Environmental Emergencies, Survival Skills, Soft Tissue Injuries, and Medical Emergencies

Requirement for PE credit:  Must adhere to the passing standards of SOLO by attending both full days and give full participation

Max Number of students for enrollment: 40

Course cost: $250



Course name            Woodsmen Team  


Instructor         Christian Trejo  

Inclusive dates of the course           March 25, 2019 – May 23, 2019

Meeting days and times     Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 4-6 pm

Course location       Oak Hill  


Course description


Come join the Woodsmen Team to learn how to chop, saw, and cut wood. We practice nearby at lovely Oak Hill a few miles away from campus. Also, a couple times a term, we travel around the Northeast to compete against other colleges in forestry events.


Requirement for PE credit   10 practices or 8 practices and 1 Woodsmen Meet

Max Number of students for enrollment      20  

Course cost        0$ for students solely going to practice. There is a cost if student goes to a meet (cost varies per meet)