Outdoor Programs

The Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) helps to create opportunities for the Dartmouth community to explore and enjoy the amazing natural landscape of New England.


Course name - Alpine Club Ski (for Alpine Club Ski Team members)

CRN:  11798                                                                                                                           

Course location - Practices are at the Dartmouth Skiway, races vary but are typically offered at Dartmouth Skiway, Jay Peak, Whaleback mountain, and possibly a few others.                                    

Meeting days and times - Practices Tuesday and Thursday from week 2 to week 10. Tentative starting date Jan 9th and tentative ending date March 7th

Times: Practices are typically 12:30 pm-4:15 pm or 1:30 pm to 4:15 pm depending on which van someone takes.

Usually about 10 races per term. Race dates have not been released by USCSA (race governing body) yet but should be confirmed by the start of winter term.                                                                

Requirement for PE credit - Attendance at 12 practices/events                                          

Course Fee - 0$ (Participants in this PE will need to cover their own equipment costs, race fees, and day passes or season tickets for mountains where the team has events).


Course name - Climbing (Indoor Climbing)

CRN: 11797                                                                                                                            

Course location - Dartmouth Climbing Gym (Basement of Maxwell Hall)                           

Meeting days and times - January 9th, 2023- March 7th, 2023. Practice schedule not yet exactly determined due to leader schedules but will be at the start of the winter quarter. Practices are generally held 5 days a week, usually Monday through Friday, either 2-4 pm and/or 10 pm- midnight, and occasionally on weekends at various times.                                                                                                                    

Requirement for PE credit - Attendance at 12 events (practices/training trips/ competitions). Training trips and competitions are optional. Attending training trips and competitions will incur fees including buying a membership to USA Climbing.                                                                                               

Course Fee - $0 (Optional training trips or competitions will incur fees not represented in the PE course fee. Participants interested in participating in the optional training trips or competitions will need to cover costs associated with those trips).



Course name - Club Nordic (for Club Nordic Participants)

CRN: 11794                                                                                                                            

Course location - The golf course, Oak Hill, and race venues throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York.                                                                                                                                       

Meeting days and times - Inclusive dates for the course are January 9th, 2023 - March 7th, 2023. Practices are typically held Tuesday-Friday from 2:30 - 4:30 pm and optional weekend races from 8 am to 5 pm.  

Requirement for PE credit - Attendance at 12 of Club nordic practices/events                  

Course Fee - $0 + optional $22.50 to register for races during the quarter                         

Course outline/syllabus:

Tuesday: Beginner oriented lesson, easy ski for non-beginners

Wednesday: Workout for everyone, with an emphasis on technique for beginners

Thursday: Easy longer ski for everyone, split into several groups by pace

Friday: Agility, drills, short ski for beginners, fun day!

Brief description:  Include any student preparation needed

In this course you will have the opportunity to take both beginner and intermediate cross country skiing lessons, as well as participate in workouts and social long skis. There is also the opportunity to participate in races! We will have practices Tuesday through Friday every week there is snow, as well as races on many weekends. Race schedules will be announced at the start of 23W or as dates become available. This course is suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced cross country skiers. Some nordic gear may be available for borrowing, however the availability of gear for borrowing is not guaranteed. Borrowable gear will be available on a first come first serve basis.



Course name - Mountaineering Skills PE (One Saturday and One Weekend-overnight Commitment)

CRN: 11836                                                                                                                            

Course location - Weekdays: Indoors; Weekends: Outdoors. Exceptional weather conditions may impact these projections.                                                                                                                  

Meeting days and times - Wednesdays(s) and/or Fridays(s) January 18th - February 10th from  9:00 to 10:00 AM & Saturday(s) January 28th - February 18th (1/28 and/or 2/4 for ½-¾ days in the field and 2/10-11 and/or 2/17-18 for overnight.

Times - Varying. See meeting days and times above.                                                           

Requirement for PE credit - Students will be required to attend one class offering in each module (indoor and outdoor) for a total of 4 indoor modules and 2 outdoor modules to receive course credit.    

Course Fee - $72.50 per student                                                                                           

Course outline/syllabus: (attached with course itinerary)

Brief description: Include any student preparation needed

This course will serve as an introduction to the basic skills of Mountaineering. The program is rigorous in nature and will take place primarily outdoors in the cold and often harsh natural winter environment. It is expected that students come in with a range of prior experience, however students in this course should be leaders or working toward leadership in the DOC, in either Cabin & Trail or DMC. Students should also have prior experience hiking at least one 4,000ft mountain in winter or have comparable experience. Students should be in good physical health and be in good enough physical condition to carry a forty-pound pack up a mountain. Students will be presented with introductory theory and concepts of mountaineering as well as practical and technical skills necessary for attempting a New England peak in winter. This course has three goals, written in order of priority…


Course name - Dartmouth Ski Patrol (for Ski Patrol Members only)

CRN: 11796                                                                                                                            

Course location - Dartmouth Skiway                                                                                    

Meeting days and times - Inclusive dates for the PE are January 4th - March 7th. Shifts will be scheduled Monday-Sunday from 7:45am-12:30pm and 12pm-4:45pm. Throughout the entire term, students will complete 2 shifts (4hr 45min) at the Skiway per week during the shift time of their choosing.     

Requirement for PE credit - Attendance at 12 shifts.

Course Fee - $0


Course name - Club Snowboard (for Club Snowboard participants)

CRN: 11795                                                                                                                            

Course location(s) - Dartmouth Skiway, Killington Resort, Middlebury Snowbowl (comp), Magic Mountain (comp), Plattekill Mountain (comp), Sugarloaf Mountain (regionals), Mammoth Mountain (nationals)    

Meeting days and times - Inclusive dates fall between January 4th and March 7th, 2023. There will be at least 2 events per week. Times and dates are TBD but will be announced during initial club Snowboard PE meetings at the start of 23W.

Requirement for PE credit - Attendance at 12 of [16-24] snowboard meetings.

Course Fee - $0 (Participants will need to provide their own gear, clothing, and passes/tickets for the course).                                                                                                                                  


Course outline/syllabus:


  • Week 1: Flat ground fundamentals. We will use techniques to remind students of important basic skills while on flat ground. One foot J-Turns, flat ground skating, and snowboard terminology.
  • Week 2: Magic Carpet Fundamentals. We will explore the basics of using body movements to manipulate the board in order to control speed and direction. We will use techniques such as falling leaf, waterfalls, flat spins, and wow-stops in the beginner area (magic carpet area).
  • Week 2: We will perform the same techniques from week 2 on green/blue trails. This will be an emphasis on using the skills learned in new areas/terrain. The goal will be to be able to perform all the same techniques with proper form in order to control speed and direction on steeper terrain.
  • Week 3-4: This will be a continuation of Week 2.
  • Week 5: We will use the skills learned from week 1 to week 4 to explore the skiway and have fun. At this point, the goal is to have fun and put our fundamentals into muscle memory. We will revisit any problem areas and perform practice techniques until they are performed correctly.
  • Week 6 - Week 9: Same plan as week 5. At this point we are riding and getting time on the mountain to continue to make those fundamental skills muscle memory!



Course name - Timber Team (for Timber Team participants)

CRN : 11791                                                                                                                           

Course location - Oak Hill, Alumni Gym, McGill (Canada - optional)                                  

Meeting days and times - 2-4 weekdays, Jan 10, 2023 - March 7, 2023 for a 2 hour period between 15:00 - 18:30                                                                                                                                      

Requirement for PE credit - Attendance at 12 Timber Team practices/events.                  

Course Fee - $0 (Participants interested in competing will need to pay competition fees).

Course outline/syllabus (attachments ok)

Exact Dates may vary, this is one potential schedule assuming Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday practices. Transportation to practice areas will be provided.


1/10/23: Introductory Oak Hill Practice, in-depth tool usage/safety and introduce team events

1/11/23: Introductory Alumni Gym Practice, weight training

1/13/23: Introductory Oak Hill Practice, in-depth tool usage/safety and introduce doubles and singles events

1/17/23: Oak Hill Practice, mix of events depending on individual preference

1/18/23: Gym Practice, weight training

1/20/23: Oak Hill Practice, mix of events depending on individual preference


Every subsequent Tuesday and Friday during term: Oak Hill Practice, mix of events depending on individual preference

Every subsequent Wednesday during term: Gym practice, weight training

Near competition we will ensure that anyone going is practicing the events that they will be completing in, other than that members can choose what events they want to focus on although they will be encouraged to branch out and try different events throughout the term

TBD Date: Competition at McGill in Canada (optional)


Brief description: Include any student preparation needed

Have you ever wanted to throw an axe at a target, make firewood, or use a 7-foot-long saw? Dartmouth Timber Team is a collegiate timber sports club that does just that (think old timey lumberjack skills). We practice out at Oak Hill with experienced students leading the group in making wood smaller. You'll learn fun and responsible ways to use axes, mauls, saws, peaveys, and more! No prior experience required to participate in practices. Practice attendance is required to participate in competitions.