COVID-19 Impact

In light of the current health crisis, all athletic facilities remain closed until further notice.

There are several virtual physical education classes being offered during summer term 2020 as well as a few virtual FLIP classes available for the community.

The College has suspended the requirements of a successful swim test and all remaining physical education credits for those undergraduate students who are graduating at the conclusion of summer ('20), fall, winter, or spring terms of the 2020-21 academic year and have not yet met these requirements.

Intercollegiate Varsity Sports

About Intercollegiate Sports

Students who participate in an intercollegiate sport may receive credit for that activity during the term(s) in which they participate in traditional and non-traditional seasons. This alsoapplies to team managers.

No retroactive credit is given to intercollegiate athletes. You must register on-line during the Physical Education add/drop period of the term you are participating in order to receive your physical education credit.

Intercollegiate Sport CRN Numbers

Winter Term is  January 13 - March 6, 2020. 

Baseball, Off Season
CRN# 11677

Basketball, Men 
CRN# 11678

Basketball, Women
CRN# 11679

CRN# 11701

CRN#  11688

Field Hockey, Off Season
CRN# 11682

Football, Off Season
CRN# 11683

Golf Men

Golf Women

Ice Hockey, Men 
CRN# 11684

Ice Hockey, Women
CRN# 11685

Lacrosse Men Off Season
CRN# 11686

Lacrosse, Women Off Season
CRN# 11687

Rowing Heavyweight Men
CRN# 11707

Rowing Lightweight Men Off Season
CRN# 11689

Rowing, Women Off Season
CRN# 11690

Rugby, Women
CRN# 11691

Sailing, Off Season
CRN# 11692

Ski Team, Men
CRN# 11693

Ski Team, Women
CRN# 11694

Soccer, Men Off Season
CRN# 11695

Soccer, Women Off Season
CRN# 11696

Softball, Off Season
CRN# 11697

CRN# 11698

Swim, Men
CRN# 11699

Swim, Women
CRN# 11700

Tennis Men
CRN# 11702

Tennis Women
CRN# 11703

Track and Field, Men Indoor
CRN# 11704

Track and Field, Women Indoor
CRN# 11705

Volleyball, Women Off Season
CRN# 11706