General Information

The Intramural Sports program provides Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive recreational sports using league play and tournament formats. Please check the website at the beginning of each term for registration and league information. Registration for most activities occurs during the first week of each term.

Intramurals Information

  • You will need to show your Dartmouth ID to the intramural official or supervisor at check-in who will verify that you are listed on your team's roster.
  • Participants are able to compete on one (1) Co-Rec team and one (1) single gender team persport.
  • The Granite League teams are actively trying to compete and win. Teams in this league tend to be more competitive in nature. The Moosiluake League is intended for teams that are typically not as experienced or more beginner teams. Teams in this league are looking for more of a recreational environment. The Green League is for those with no experience whatsoever in the sport–also known as the Rookie League. We also offer Men's and Women's leagues. Women are able to compete in the Men's league.
  • Pinnies will be provided for teams as needed. However, teams may purchase or make their own jerseys. Jerseys must be sport appropriate and non-offensive.
  • Any person wearing clothing deemed to be in violation of Dartmouth College community policy will be asked to change. We do provide most equipment, but not all. Please see the sport specific rules for more information.
  • After each team sport games, officials will assign a sportsmanship rating to each team. Ratings are 0-3 with three (3) being given for exemplary conduct. The ratings will be averaged over the course of the regular season games and playoffs. Teams must have an average score of 2.0 to be playoff eligible and remain eligible during playoffs. Teams dropping below 2.0 in the playoffs will be eliminated from the tournament.
  • The Intramural Staff will attempt to reschedule games when teams are playing multiple sports, academic conflicts or religious concerns, but it is not guaranteed. If you have additional questions about the above topics or any other intramural topic, please email the Intramurals Office.

Please refer to the Policies & Procedures below. .

Contact Cam Neale for more information.

Membership & Sign-up

To participate in Dartmouth Intramurals, students, faculty & staff will need to purchase an individual IM membership; this replaces the team play fee. You will pay for your membership via the IMLeagues site when you register for your first sport or team of the academic year (summer term through spring term).

Memberships will not be pro-rated, are non-refundable and non-transferable. Financial assistance is available to undergrads who qualify.


  • $10 per quarter
  • $25 per academic year (summer term through spring term)

Group Packages are available at the following rates. Please email the IM office for a coupon code.

  • 0-10 members on the roster - $10/each
  • 11-20 members on the roster - $9/each
  • 21-30 members on the roster - $8.50/each
  • 31+ members on the roster - $8.00/each

Detailed instructions on registering are available.

All IM participants need to pass the participants quiz for each sport before becoming eligible to join a team.

Roster Information

  • To be placed on a roster, a team caption can send invitations for players to accept. Or players may send a request to join a roster for the captain to accept.
  • Players can be added to the roster up until the last regular season game. At the conclusion of the game, your roster will be locked and no new additions will be permitted for the playoffs.
  • If you do not have enough players to make a team, you can sign up on IMLeauges as a free agent. You will then be able to message captains about joining their team.
  • There are several reasons why a player may not appear on the printed roster. Reasons include:
    • not having a valid membership
    • not fully completing the online quiz
    • a captain not accepting the request to join the team
  • If you are not on the roster on, you will not be able to participate in that day's game, however, see the on-site Intramural Supervisor for assistance in trouble-shooting the registration process in order to play in the future.
  • Upon initial registration your team will automatically be placed on the waitlist until your roster reaches the minimum number of participants
    • If your team remains on the waitlist, keep checking back. There is a chance that we will open more available spaces depending upon how many teams are on the waitlist and if we still have time and space available.
  • If an individual player can't make it to a specific game, it's okay. Individuals just need to check into in one (1) regular season game in order to be eligible for the playoffs. If a team can't make a regular season game and they know twenty-four (24) hours before their game, email Intramural Sports with the team name and division and they will receive a default meaning they will receive zero (0) points in the standings because it allows us time to attempt to find another team to play in that game. If a team can't make a regular season game and just don't show up to the field/court/rink, they will receive a forfeit and lose two (2) points in the standings.

Captain Information

As a team caption, follow the steps below ahead of the start of the season.

  1. Create your profile on
  2. Click on the sport that you wish to play.
  3. Please click on your desired league (co-rec, men's or women's) to create a team. For some sports you may have a few options for which day of the week you will play as well. It helps to confer with your teammates first before selecting as you can't change once the leagues are locked.
  4. Pass the participant's quiz. The sport rules and policy handbook can be found on the IM Sports website.
  5. Pay your IM membership fee if you haven't already for the term/academic year.
  6. Invite participants to join your team. Keep checking the notifications on your team's page on IMLeagues to accept pending requests from your teammates.
  7. After you successfully create your team, your team will be put on the Waitlist until confirmed by the Intramural Office. This allows us to give priority to undergrad students and request team name changes if needed. Once your team name is approved and you've reached the required minimum roster size your team will be confirmed on a first-come-first serve basis.

Policies & Procedures

General Overview

Welcome to Intramural Sports!
The goal of the intramural sports program is to offer a variety of activities for all skill levels established in an inviting, positive, fun, fair and safe environment. These programs will provide various structured sport opportunities to satisfy as many skill levels as possible. Participation opportunities for men's women's and co-recreational play are provided. Contests, meets, leagues and tournaments will be offered in various formats.

Participant Responsibilities
Schedule, registration dates and other pertinent information will be posted on the intramural webpage. It is the team captain's and/or individual's responsibility to check the webpage for upcoming events and schedule changes. Teams, including all captains, participants and fans and spectators of the teams are responsible for following the policy and procedures as written in this handbook. If you have questions about policies and/or clarification, please contact the Intramural Sports office. Lack of policy knowledge will not be a viable excuse for violations.

Valid Dartmouth ID Required to Play
Before anyone can participate, each player must present their Dartmouth ID when they check in at all events. NO ID = NO PLAY! There are no exceptions to this rule.

Registration and Free Agency

Registering a Team
All intramural participants will need to create an account on IMLeagues offers a live support button on the right side of all pages. Please use this button if you encounter any difficulties. See ADDENDUM for additional instructions.   

Registering Individual Players
Captains can invite team members to their team by clicking on "Invite Members" link on the team page on IMLeagues. Any invited team members must accept the invitation to join your team. All intramural participants will need to create an account on to participate in intramural sports at Dartmouth College. Captains are reminded to inform all players of this well in advance of the season to ensure that players can be added to the roster properly. Players not listed on the roster by playoffs will be ineligible for participation as rosters are locked in the playoffs.

Individual and Team Registration
Space may be limited for some leagues or events. Individual and team registrations will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Before you can participate you must pay your IM membership fee if you haven't already for the term/academic year.

Appropriate team names must be selected by each team captain. In the event a team captain submits an inappropriate name, they will be contacted to change their team name and will remain on the waitlist until the team name is deemed appropriate. The Intramural Sports program reserves the right to filter any team name that is vulgar, offensive, derogatory, or otherwise deemed inappropriate.

IMLeague Membership
In order to participate in intramural sports, you will need to create a profile on From there, you can either create a team or accept a request to join another team. For detailed instructions on registration click here..

Free Agency
Looking to play but don't have a team? You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you'd like. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team. Just remember if you do get picked by a team, that team will be the only one that you will be allowed to play with for that entire season.


General Eligibility
Currently enrolled students, grad students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in intramural sports. Alumni, partners, spouses, friends and/or family members are not eligible for participation. Each participant must have a valid Dartmouth College ID which must be presented to the official or supervisor prior to each game at check-in.     

Game Day Eligibility
Participants who are in good standing and on their roster will be eligible to play. Participants must be on their team roster upon check-in/game time.

Participants need to sign in with the official or supervisor on their playing surface with their Dartmouth College ID.

If a participant is either not on the roster, they will need to see the on-site intramural supervisor.

Use of Fraudulent Dartmouth College ID
If a participant is caught using a Dartmouth College ID that is not his or hers, the team for which that individual was playing for will forfeit that game, the team will lose their play fee and the game will not be played and the individual will be subject to disciplinary action from the Intramural Sports Program including being prohibited from playing intramural sports for the rest of that season.

The Intramural Sports Staff will confiscate the fraudulently used Dartmouth College ID and the individual whose Dartmouth College ID it belongs to must meet with an Intramural Sports Professional in order to get his/her Dartmouth College ID back.

If the occurrence was in the regular season, the team will be prohibited from playing in the playoffs. If the occurrence was in the playoffs, the team will be disqualified from continuing in the playoffs.

Restricted Participants
Each Intramural Sports team roster is limited in regard to restricted participants in the sport or related sport of membership. Specific sport limits is detailed within the sport rules. Restricted participants include:

  •   Club Sport Members - any individual who is listed on the Fall, Winter, and/or Spring/Summer official roster submitted by the Club Officers for each term during that Academic Year, including Club Sport coaches, and are considered as such for the entire Academic Year

  •   Former Intercollegiate Athletes - any individual who has practiced, participated in tryouts, or competed with an intercollegiate squad for more than ten (10) days and are given this distinction once six months has elapsed since the termination of participation with an intercollegiate team

    Related sports include:

  •   (Varsity/Club Sport) - (Intramural related sport)

  •   Baseball and Softball - softball

  •   Basketball - basketball, 3 on 3 basketball

  •   Ice Hockey - ice hockey

  •   Football - flag football

  •   Rugby - flag football  

  •   Soccer - soccer, kickball

  •   Swimming and Diving - swim & dive meet

  •   Tennis - tennis

  •   Triathlon - swim & dive meet

  •   Ultimate - ultimate

  •   Volleyball - volleyball, wallyball

Current Intercollegiate Athletes and current ineligible athletes are barred from participating in their intramural sport or related sport.

The Intramural Sports Program reserves the right to bar from, or limit the intramural competition, of any participant of varsity, Olympic or professional caliber who may or may not be participating in varsity sports or playing as a professional.

Use of Ineligible Participants
Any team found to be using ineligible participants will be subject to discipline from the Intramural Sports Program with possible team consequences, including suspension.

Intramural Format

Playoffs and Tie-Breaking Procedures
During the regular season, the following system will be used to award points to determine the standings. The final standings will be used to evaluate which teams qualify for the playoffs.

  1. Head to head

  2. Team Sportsmanship Rating (TSR)

  3. Total point differential for all games

  4. Coin flip 

Intramural Championship t-shirts will be provided to the winners of each League (Granite, Moosilauke, Co-Rec, Green or Women's). For team sports the amount of t-shirts provided is equivalent to 1.5 times the size of a starting line-up (rounded up to the nearest whole number) or your team roster size – whichever is less.    

Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use

The possession and/or consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other illegal drugs by Intramural participants, coaches, and spectators is strictly prohibited at all Recreational Sports facilities and facilities which the Intramural Sports Program uses. Any participant, coach, or spectator who is under the influence or suspected to be under the influence will not be allowed to participate in any Intramural Sports activity, will be required to leave the facility immediately, and further discipline action may be taken.

Forfeit Procedure

On-Site Forfeiture
Forfeits should be avoided at all costs.

Teams must have the minimum number of players required checked-in with the referees and ready to play on the playing surface at the regularly scheduled game time. If one team (Team A) fulfills this requirement and their opponent (Team B) does not, they may either receive the forfeit win or choose to wait ten (10) minutes for Team B to arrive. If they choose to wait, the game clock will start and they must wait the entire time before accepting the forfeit win.

If neither team fulfills the requirement, the referees will start the game clock and wait ten (10) minutes to see if either team is able to fulfill the non-forfeiting requirement.

If a team can't make a regular season game and they know twenty-four (24) hours before their game, they can email with their team name and division. They will receive a default meaning they will receive zero (0) points in the standings because it allows us time to attempt to find another team to play in that game. If a team cannot make a regular season game and simply do not show up to the field/court/rink, they will receive a forfeit and lose two (2) points in the standings. If your team forfeits a game your eligibility for playoffs will be in danger. 

If a team is aware they will not have enough players necessary to play their game, they may notify the Intramural Sports Program by sending an email to with their team name and division with this information at least 24 hours before their game and they will receive a default. This allows our staff to attempt to fill that game with another opponent and/or contact the opposing team and officials notifying them of the situation.
If a team defaults, they will be awarded zero (0) points in the standings while the team they were scheduled to compete against will receive two (2) points in the standings.

Inability to Continue
If a team is able to begin a game with the minimum number of required players and they drop below the minimum number of required players during the game, due to situations such as injury or ejection, the team will be charged with a loss but not a forfeit.


Inclement Weather
A scheduled contest may be postponed, rescheduled, or cancelled only by a staff member of the Intramural Sports Program and the decisions will be made in an effort to protect the safety of the participants and the quality of our playing surfaces. Decisions will be made as soon as possible and notifications will be sent out through the messaging system. Games that are cancelled may or may not be rescheduled and no refunds will be given.

Teams will play their regularly scheduled games based on the division they select in

It is extremely difficult to reschedule games based on facility/field availability, opponent availability, and time constraints.

The Intramural Staff will attempt to reschedule games when teams are playing multiple sports, academic conflicts or religious concerns, but it is not guaranteed.


Participants must sign in with the referees during at least one (1) regular season game in order to be eligible for the playoffs.

Teams must play in at least one (1) regular season game and maintain a 2.0 average team sportsmanship rating (TSR) throughout regularly scheduled regular season games to become eligible for the playoffs.     

See 'Sportsmanship' for specific TSR point details.
Final seedings will be made after regular season games are completed. Seeds will be determined based on:

  1. Winning percentage

  2. Head to head

  3. Sportsmanship rating

  4. Final scoring differential

  5. Coin flip

Due to weather, forfeits, sportsmanship and other unforeseen circumstances playoff times are subject to change.


The Intramural Sports Program is dedicated to providing a safe, fair, and enjoyable environment during all intramural contests. Unsportsmanlike behavior generally causes games to become unenjoyable, unfair, and in some cases, unsafe. In order to maintain the proper playing environment, the Team Sportsmanship Rating (TSR) has been established and is in effect for all regular season and playoff contests.

After each team sport games, officials will assign a sportsmanship rating to each team. Ratings are 0-3 with three (3) being given for exemplary conduct. The ratings will be averaged over the course of the regular season games and playoffs. Teams must have an average score of 2.0 to be playoff eligible and remain eligible during playoffs. Teams dropping below 2.0 in the playoffs will be eliminated from the tournament.


"3" Exemplary conduct. Any questions to officials phrased courteously by team captain.

"2" Very little negative behavior. Respect for officials and opponents evident in most cases. Profanity not present; 2's also given if a team delays the start of a game.

"1" Use of profanity toward officials and/or opponents. Disrespect toward officials during or after game, but not to any extreme. Any near-confrontation quelled effectively by teammates.

"0" Unacceptable sportsmanship including, but not limited to:
1. Baiting/taunting of opponents.
2. Frequent bickering over officials calls or swearing.
3. Striking (or attempting to) or shoving an official or player.
4. Throwing and/or destruction and/or attempted theft of equipment.

5. Making a mockery of the game/sport.

6. Causing a vehicle to lose control or "spin out" on our parking areas/fields. Violators will also be prosecuted.

-Two "0" ratings in the same season result in automatic team expulsion.


In the event of a sport where multiple officials are used, the 2 and/or 3 officials/supervisors ratings will be averaged for a total game rating. *Whenever a grade of "1" or "0" is awarded, the Intramural Office reserves the right of professional discretion, to investigate and ascertain appropriate penalties or warnings to individuals/teams involved.


Individuals participating in the Intramural Sports Program are expected to conduct themselves within the boundaries of sportsmanship and fair play as well as within the rules, policies, and procedures of the program. Ensuring the integrity of the program, be it rules, safety, or enjoyment, is a high priority for the Intramural Sports Program. In cases where an individual's or team's conduct violates these principles, such conduct will cause disciplinary action to be taken (i.e., player ejection, suspension, team forfeiture).

Safety and Attire

Assumption of Risk
Participation is on a voluntary basis. Participants assume the risks normally associated with activity characteristic of a particular sport. It is recommended that all participants undergo a physical examination prior to participating in any intramural activity, and carry some form of health and injury insurance.

Neither Dartmouth College nor the Intramural Sports Program accepts responsibility for ill health or injury sustained while participating in any of the events or activities. Neither Dartmouth College nor the Intramural Sports Program shall pay any medical and/or ambulance expenses incurred by a participant.

Each recreation facility is equipped with basic first aid supplies for minor injuries. Should an injury occur, that injury should be immediately reported to the game official, the intramural supervisor, or the facility supervisor.

Proper attire must be worn for each activity. NCAA, NIRSA and Federation standards will be enforced when applicable. This is for your protection, as well as that of the other participants.

Illegal Apparel

  •  Street/dress clothes (i.e. jeans or dress shoes)  
  •   Bare feet (except sand volleyball or pool events), sandals, work boots or five-finger shoes

  •   Hard-brimmed caps unless noted in sport rules

  •   Metal or screw-in cleats

  •   Any exposed jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, piercings, etc.). Taping of jewelry is not permitted.

Blood/Fluid Spill Procedure
A participant who is visibly bleeding will be immediately removed from a contest and will not be permitted back until the bleeding has stopped and the wound is properly covered. If any clothing is marked or saturated in blood, the participant my change into clean clothing before returning to the game. If a player does not have a change of clothing, they will not be able to re-enter the game.

  •   The Intramural supervisor will handle all blood/fluid spill per protocol.

  •   Blood on the playing surface must be properly cleaned before the game will resume.

Loss of Consciousness
If, during an intramural contest, a participant loses consciousness for any length of time, he/she will not be permitted to return to any intramural activity for the remainder of the day/night.

  •   Safety & Security will automatically be called to assist in the any of consciousness situation during any intramural activity.

  •   Dartmouth Intramural Sports STRONGLY recommends getting assessed by the appropriate healthcare provider prior to returning to any physical activity for health and safety reasons.

IM Championship T-Shirt distribution

This chart details the max amount of IM championship t-shirts awarded per sport. The number will be amended if your roster size and/or the amount of people who checked in for games is less than the max. The max is the traditional amount of people required to play each sport plus 50%.

Team Sport

Max amount of IM t-shirts awarded



8v8 Soccer


9v9 Soccer


Flag Football


Ice Hockey


 (accommodates two lines & 1 GK)

3v3 basketball tournament






General Information

Anything not specifically outlined in this policy manual is up to the discretion of the Intramural Sports Program.

The policies and procedures outlined in this Intramural Sports Participant Handbook are subject to change at any time by the administration of the Intramural Sports program.

Dartmouth College Intramural Sports reserves the right to rule on any case not specifically covered in this handbook or the rules of the activity in questions and will do so in the spirit of fairness and safety. The right is also reserved to put into effect and add to these policies and procedures any new rulings pertaining to Intramural Sports, unsportsmanlike behavior, fair play and the safety of the IM participants that will lead to the enhancement of the event or activity and the program's overall mission of enjoyment, fairness and safety.