General Information

The Intramural Sports program provides Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive recreational sports using league play and tournament formats. Please check the website at the beginning of each term for registration and league information. Registration for most activities occurs during the first week of each term.

Winter 2021 Update

The Intramural Sports office is working diligently to plan out activities that will be both fun and provide for your utmost safety. We are working closely with our campus partners to ensure that all activities comply with college COVID-19 safety regulations. Please check back here and for further updates and a full schedule of events, when it becomes available.

Intramurals Information

  • You will need to show your Dartmouth ID to the intramural official or supervisor at check-in who will verify that you are listed on your team's roster.
  • Participants are able to compete on one (1) Co-Rec team and one (1) single gender team persport.
  • The Granite League teams are actively trying to compete and win. Teams in this league tend to be more competitive in nature. The Moosiluake League is intended for teams that are typically not as experienced or more beginner teams. Teams in this league are looking for more of a recreational environment. The Green League is for those with no experience whatsoever in the sport–also known as the Rookie League. We also offer Men's and Women's leagues. Women are able to compete in the Men's league.
  • Pinnies will be provided for teams as needed. However, teams may purchase or make their own jerseys. Jerseys must be sport appropriate and non-offensive.
  • Any person wearing clothing deemed to be in violation of Dartmouth College community policy will be asked to change. We do provide most equipment, but not all. Please see the sport specific rules for more information.
  • After each team sport games, officials will assign a sportsmanship rating to each team. Ratings are 0-3 with three (3) being given for exemplary conduct. The ratings will be averaged over the course of the regular season games and playoffs. Teams must have an average score of 2.0 to be playoff eligible and remain eligible during playoffs. Teams dropping below 2.0 in the playoffs will be eliminated from the tournament.
  • The Intramural Staff will attempt to reschedule games when teams are playing multiple sports, academic conflicts or religious concerns, but it is not guaranteed. If you have additional questions about the above topics or any other intramural topic, please email the Intramurals Office.

Read the Intramurals Policies & Procedures for additional information.

Contact Mason Kaiser for more information.

Membership & Sign-up

To participate in Dartmouth Intramurals, students, faculty & staff will need to purchase an individual IM membership; this replaces the team play fee. You will pay for your membership via the IMLeagues site when you register for your first sport or team of the academic year (summer term through spring term).

Memberships will not be pro-rated, are non-refundable and non-transferable. Financial assistance is available to undergrads who qualify.


  • $10 per quarter
  • $25 per academic year (summer term through spring term)

* - The cost of an IM membership is currently being waived until in-person, team competition can safely resume.

Detailed instructions on registering are available.

All IM participants need to pass the participants quiz for each sport before becoming eligible to join a team.

Roster Information

  • To be placed on a roster, a team caption can send invitations for players to accept. Or players may send a request to join a roster for the captain to accept.
  • Players can be added to the roster up until the last regular season game. At the conclusion of the game, your roster will be locked and no new additions will be permitted for the playoffs.
  • If you do not have enough players to make a team, you can sign up on IMLeauges as a free agent. You will then be able to message captains about joining their team.
  • There are several reasons why a player may not appear on the printed roster. Reasons include:
    • not having a valid membership
    • not fully completing the online quiz
    • a captain not accepting the request to join the team
  • If you are not on the roster on, you will not be able to participate in that day's game, however, see the on-site Intramural Supervisor for assistance in trouble-shooting the registration process in order to play in the future.
  • Upon initial registration your team will automatically be placed on the waitlist until your roster reaches the minimum number of participants
    • If your team remains on the waitlist, keep checking back. There is a chance that we will open more available spaces depending upon how many teams are on the waitlist and if we still have time and space available.
  • If an individual player can't make it to a specific game, it's okay. Individuals just need to check into in one (1) regular season game in order to be eligible for the playoffs. If a team can't make a regular season game and they know twenty-four (24) hours before their game, email Intramural Sports with the team name and division and they will receive a default meaning they will receive zero (0) points in the standings because it allows us time to attempt to find another team to play in that game. If a team can't make a regular season game and just don't show up to the field/court/rink, they will receive a forfeit and lose two (2) points in the standings.

Captain Information

As a team caption, follow the steps below ahead of the start of the season.

  1. Create your profile on
  2. Click on the sport that you wish to play.
  3. Please click on your desired league (co-rec, men's or women's) to create a team. For some sports you may have a few options for which day of the week you will play as well. It helps to confer with your teammates first before selecting as you can't change once the leagues are locked.
  4. Pass the participant's quiz. The sport rules and policy handbook can be found on the IM Sports website.
  5. Pay your IM membership fee if you haven't already for the term/academic year.
  6. Invite participants to join your team. Keep checking the notifications on your team's page on IMLeagues to accept pending requests from your teammates.
  7. After you successfully create your team, your team will be put on the Waitlist until confirmed by the Intramural Office. This allows us to give priority to undergrad students and request team name changes if needed. Once your team name is approved and you've reached the required minimum roster size your team will be confirmed on a first-come-first serve basis.