Basketball Rules

5-on-5 Basketball Basics

Team Size

  • Five (5) players constitute a full team; teams may start and finish with 4.  Teams with less than 4 will record a forfeit.
  • In the Co-Rec division there must be 2 women on the court at all times.

Equipment/Ground Rules

  • Soft, dry, clean rubber-soled sneakers are the only footwear permitted on the floor. BLACK-SOLED shoes will not be allowed, unless they are basketball shoes. No bare feet, socks, street shoes or sandals, etc of any kind.
  • While there is no exact shot clock; a shot must be taken within 35 seconds of possession. Play fairly – no stall tactics.
  • Pinnies will be provided and must be worn unless a team has like colors or matching jerseys, and the officials can differentiate between the teams.
  • Intramural Sports will provide a standard, regulation-size basketballs. The default ball for co-rec is the women's size ball
  • No hats, chains, or watches may be worn during a game. At the sole discretion of the IM supervisor, exceptions may be made for mandatory religious items.
  • The game will consist of two (2) halves of 15 minutes running time, with a three minute half time. Each team may use two 45-second time outs per game.  The clock will stop for timeouts in each half and on all dead ball situations in the last two (2) minutes of the second half where the score is within 4 points. Overtime periods are 3 minutes. In League play, if the game is still tied after 2 overtimes, the game is recorded as a tie.
  • If the situation in the game is within one possession (meaning 1-3 point difference in the score) and the clock is 30 seconds or below of the 2nd half or overtime and a team intentionally fouls the other team, then the team that was intentionally fouled will shoot one free throw that will count as two points(1 for 2).
  • Substitutions are allowed any time the ball is dead but they must not delay the game.  
  • Only players in the game may call timeouts.
  • Only the captain or designated captain can approach officials or activity supervisors.
  • Referees may, at their discretion, eject a player for any act he/she determines to be repugnant to the spirit of the game.
  • Zero tolerance for fighting, alcohol or drug use and any personal abusive language or slurs.
  • After each game, officials will assign a sportsmanship rating to each team. Ratings are 0-3 with three (3) being given for exemplary conduct. The ratings will be averaged over the course of the regular season games and playoffs. Teams must have an average score of 2.0 to be playoff eligible and remain eligible during playoffs. Teams dropping below 2.0 in the playoffs will be eliminated from the tournament.

Co-rec Rules

  • The women's basketball is the default ball.
  • When possible, women guard women and men guard men.
  • No scoring differential; no possession rules.