General Fitness

Cardio Conditioning

This class is an aerobics based training class including aerobics, running, jump rope, plyometrics, strength training, kickboxing, and heavy bag punching done in a dynamic workout to music.

  • Time: Tuesday, Thursday 8:10-9:00 am  
  • CRN: 60674
  • Location: Alumni Gym MP 182 (directions: Enter the Gym through the front door and swipe your ID. Go through the lobby. Once through the lobby, turn right and go through the door that leads to the indoor track. There is a hallway to the left. Room 182 is at the end of the hallway
  • Instructor: Sue Darling
  • Cost: Dartmouth Students $60; Gym members cost: $120; non-gym members $240.

Whole Body Conditioning

This class is designed to attain a stronger & more balanced body. Participants will learn to work with a variety of equipment including free weights, weight machines, kettle bells, balance equipment & yoga
balls. Workout sessions are varied to achieve a well-balanced & interesting regimen with the goal of attaining each individual's best result. All sessions
will begin a cardio workout on a variety of equipment. 
All ages and levels welcome 

  • Time: Tuesday & Thursday 6:15-7:15 am  CRN: 60669
  • Location: Fitness Center Mezzanine
  • Instructor: Nancy Connolley
  • Cost: Dartmouth Students $60; Gym members: $140; non-gym members $250