Student Wellness

SWC Wellness Sampler

SWC WELLNESS SAMPLER:  Dartmouth Students have the opportunity to earn a Wellness Education Credit (formerly Physical Education credit) through participating in and reflecting on 12 offerings from the SWC over the course of a term.  Offerings include yoga, meditation, study session with mindfulness incorporated, online learning, and in-person sessions with SWC staff.  Once required meeting at start of term to review course outline and logistics.

CRN:  11912
REQUIREMENT FOR PE CREDIT: Must complete 12 hours of wellness educations


Foundations of Mindfulness:  The 8 weeks of Foundations of Mindfulness are a unique, experiential opportunity for students to ground themselves in contemporary mindfulness practices. Students will learn 12 different practices that include elements of mindfulness-meditation, breathwork, silent retreat, mindful movement and guided visualization rooted in evidence-based programs like Koru Mindfulness and iRest Yoga Nidra. The key goal of this course is to learn and embody tools that cultivate greater self-awareness, self-regulation, and resilience. Students will also understand the cultural roots of various techniques and develop a customized routine for deepening their personal practice.

CRN:  11909
COURSE LOCATION:  Tucker Meditation Room (201 North Fairbanks)
MEETING DAY AND TIMES:  Wednesdays 3:30pm to 4:45pm – 10th January to 28th February (Week 2 – Week 9); 8 sessions in total
COURSE FEE:  free 


PEER SUPPORT TRAINING:  The Peer Support Training program is designed to train students in becoming effective, active mental health bystanders. Through a series of in person training sessions with subject matter experts (Dartmouth Staff members), the training will develop a multidimensional understanding of factors supporting the wellbeing and mental health of students on college campuses. By the end of the course, Peer Supporters are trained empathetic listeners who are well versed with resources on campus and can direct fellow students to resources as required.

CRN:  11908
Course Location: Carpenter 201C
Meeting days and times: Fridays Jan 12th through March 1st; 3:30pm to 5:00pm (8 Sessions in total)
Requirement for PE credit: Attend all 8 sessions and complete online quizzes via Canvas site
Course Fee: free


STUDENT SUPPORT NETWORK (SSN)Student Support Network (SSN) is a multi-session training program designed for students to develop and hone skills to support peers in crisis or distress. SSN is a student-centered training program with two core goals: (1) increase the number of students who are able to identify and refer peers to appropriate resources, and (2) expand and enrich the network of peer support on campus. Graduate and undergraduate students trained in SSN are part of the network of campus resources. 

CRN: 11906                                  
Course Location: SWC Conference Room, Berry 178B
Meeting days and times: Tuesdays 4:30 – 6:30 PM, Weeks 2 – 6 (January 9th – February 6th)
Requirement for PE credit: Attend all 5 sessions. Additionally, The SWC offers additional drop-in classes, 1:1 coaching, online modules and more options
Course Fee:  free 


THE MINDFUL ACADEMIC - Can mindfulness reduce stress? Yes! Mindfulness can also positively impact focus, time management, task initiation, and more. In The Mindful Academic, students will build a mindfulness toolkit and examine current mindsets to develop personalized best practices in the classroom and beyond. No prior experience is required; however, a strong interest in contemplative practices is essential. Offered by the Academic Skills Center through the Learning at Dartmouth Program.

CRN: 11917                                   
Course Location: TBD
Meeting days and times: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Requirement for PE credit: Students must complete 12 contact hours to earn credit.
Course Fee: $0



SAPA Training - Students who take this course learn and develop the necessary knowledge base and skill set needed to become a part of the Sexual Assault Peer Alliance on the Dartmouth campus. Topics include understanding a social, historical and cultural context of gender-based violence, its impact on survivors, application of introductory trauma-informed response skills, and comprehensive knowledge of both campus and community resources that survivors can utilize.          

CRN: 11937
Course Location: TBD
Meeting days and times: Tuesday/Thursday 4:30pm-6:30pm + Sunday, 2/11 from 11-5