COVID-19 Impact

In light of the current health crisis, all athletic facilities remain closed until further notice.

There are several virtual physical education classes being offered during summer term 2020 as well as a few virtual FLIP classes available for the community.

The College has suspended the requirements of a successful swim test and all remaining physical education credits for those undergraduate students who are graduating at the conclusion of summer ('20), fall, winter, or spring terms of the 2020-21 academic year and have not yet met these requirements.

Open Recreation

Open Recreation is unstructured sport available in our different athletic facility venues at different times of the day.  “Open Rec” is open to all students with a valid ID and to all faculty and staff members with the proper facility pass.

Recreation Areas

  • Basketball: Alumni Gym
  • Swimming: Karl Michael and Spaulding Pools
  • Squash and Racquetball: Berry Sports Center
  • Tennis: Hard courts located adjacent to Davis Varsity House; HarTru courts located in front of Berry Sports Center
  • Golf: 4 practice holes on East side of Lyme Road opposite main golf course and Hanover Country Club
  • Open Rec Fields: Check Facilities schedule for field availability at Garipay Field, 1 mile North of campus on Route 10 (Lyme Road)

For more information, call the Office of Physical Education and Recreation at 646-2478.

View the athletic facilities hours.