Open Recreation

Open Recreation is unstructured sport available in our different athletic facility venues at different times of the day.  “Open Rec” is open to all students with a valid ID and to all faculty and staff members with the proper facility pass.

Recreation Areas

  • Basketball: Alumni Gym
  • Swimming: Karl Michael and Spaulding Pools
  • Squash and Racquetball: Berry Sports Center
  • Tennis: Hard courts located adjacent to Davis Varsity House; HarTru courts located in front of Berry Sports Center
  • Golf: 4 practice holes on East side of Lyme Road opposite main golf course and Hanover Country Club
  • Open Rec Fields: Check Facilities schedule for field availability at Garipay Field, 1 mile North of campus on Route 10 (Lyme Road)

For more information, call the Office of Physical Education and Recreation at 646-2478.

View the athletic facilities hours.