Club Sports

About Club Sports

Club Sports are student-run organizations that offer a wide variety of recreational activities, ranging from skill instruction to local, regional, and national club intercollegiate contests.

Club Sport CRN Numbers

SPRING TERM IS APRIL 1, 2024 - MAY 24, 2024.  

If it says "not offered" after a club on the list below that covers a variety of reasons. Ex., the club didn't request to offer the credit, the request form was past the deadline, the club lost the privilege due to poor record keeping last term, the club is a probationary club...



Badminton Club


Baseball Club


Basketball Club Men

  not offered 24S

Basketball Club Women


Boxing Conditioning Club


Cheer Team

  not offered 24S

Cycling Club

  not offered 24S

Dance Team

  not offered 24S

Dartmouth Running Team (DRT)

 not offered 24S

Fencing Club

 not offered 24S

Field Hockey Club

not offered 24S

Figure Skating Club

not offered 24S
Golf Club not offered 24S

Gymnastics Club


Ice Hockey Club Men

  not offered 24S

Ice Hockey Club Women

 not offered 24S

Lacrosse Club - Men

 not offered 24S

Lacrosse Club - Women


Powerlifting Club

 not offered 24S

Rugby Club - Men


Soccer Club - Men


Soccer Club - Women

  not offered 24S

Squash Club


Swim Club


Table Tennis Club

 not offered 24S

Tae Kwon Do Club


Tennis Club 


Triathlon Team


Ultimate Frisbee Club - Men


Ultimate Frisbee Club - Women


Volleyball Club - Men

  not offered 24S

Volleyball Club - Women

 not offered 24S

Water Polo Club - Men

  not offered 24S

Water Polo Club - Women