Instructor Information

Instructor Qualifications & Application

  • Applicants should be able to ski or ride easy, groomed black diamond terrain, linking turns with control and a continuous flow of motion. Warden and Thomas are examples of this terrain.
  • Good communication skills combined with an ability to recognize and adapt teaching to different learning preferences (Seers, Feelers, Thinkers, Doers) is critical.
  • It should be understood that 75% of our students are beginners. You'll probably be teaching many of your classes in the magic carpet area.
  • The order of priorities for class is Safety, Fun, Learning. All students and instructors must wear an ASTM approved snowsports helmet. Each student must be cleared by the PE Snowsports Director and the Skiway Snowsports Director before going up the chairlift.

Return completed Snowsport Instructor Information Sheet to John Brady.

Instructor Information

Program Goals

  • Provide Alpine, Snowboard and Telemark snow sports lessons to students. Embrace the winter months in the Dartmouth tradition!
  • Train and certify student instructors to teach professional quality PE credit bearing classes to Dartmouth students.
  • Provide instructors with the skills and credentials to teach at a resort of their choice after graduation, either full time or weekends.
  • Increase instructor skiing and riding skills through practice time and a greater understanding of skiing/riding mechanics.
  • Provide interdisciplinary experience and opportunities for instructors.
  • Provide paid externship opportunities in snow sports instruction.
  • Safety! Fun! Learning!

Season Pass

Instructors are provided with an unlimited Skiway season pass if they meet their training and teaching commitments.

Payroll Procedures

Before you can be paid for hours worked at Dartmouth, you must complete your I-9 like any other job. This only needs to be done once while you are at Dartmouth. Complete section one on the Dartmouth I-9 site.  Then contact Heidi Bushway to complete section 2. When you meet with Heidi you need to bring your original documentation with you.

Review the payroll calendar.

Managing Incidents

Our goal is another accident free season. Please read the incident guidelines and Responsibility Code.

Snowsport Instructor Externship

This externship is an invitation for Level I certified instructors to apply to teach at Snow King Mountain Resort in Jackson, Wyoming. Snow King’s Mountain Sports School, now in its 73rd year, has a long and storied history. 

To apply, please send a resume, references and a cover letter to J. Scott McGee by November 1, including your aspirations for snowsports, instruction, and certification.

Read additional externship information.