Registration for Winter 2021 snowsports opens on Wednesday, January 13. 


Winter 2021 Snowsports School

Dartmouth Recreation Offers a 4-lesson Snowsports School for students approved to be on campus winter term with classes for Beginning and Intermediate skiers and Beginning and Intermediate Snowboarders.  Registration is for Undergraduates students only.  

Classes will begin the weekend of February 6 and 7 and go through the 4 weekends in the February.  Students can attend only the class section that they registered for; there are no make-ups in other sections.

Cost for winter Ski School is $125.00 which includes 4 lessons, bus transportation, ski or snowboard lease for the month of February and a Skiway pass. Ski School students have the opportunity to use their leased skis and Skiway pass other days and can take the daily Skiway bus. Students must provide their own ASTM certified snowsports helmet.  Masks will be required at the Skiway.


  • Registration is for Undergraduates students only.
  • Students must wear a helmet and are responsible for providing it.
  • Cost for students with their own skis is $100.00.
  • There is a snowsports reimbursement program for students receiving Dartmouth College scholarship funds. Students must attend at least 3 lessons to receive the reimbursement. Attendance will be taken only when the bus designated for a student's  specific class arrives at the Skiway.  It is the students' responsibility to see that their attendance is recorded. 
  • To apply for reimbursement, please complete the PE Discount Application Form

Class Registration

Registration for Winter 2021 snowsport classes begins on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 12:01 A.M.

Registration is for Undergraduate students only.  To register for classes, go to: