2022-23 Club Sports Wrap Up

As the spring season draws to a close, it presents an ideal time for reflection on the accomplishments of Dartmouth Club Athletics during the 23S term. Over the past months, numerous teams embarked on spring break trips and participated in national championships, showcasing their talents and dedication.


Kicking off the term, the Men's Rugby team, the Triathlon ream, the Cycling team, and Women's Water Polo team ventured across the United States and even internationally to pursue their respective sports. From Spain to North Carolina to California, each team embraced a fresh environment to adequately prepare for their spring seasons. Wells Willet '24, the cycling team captain, described their trip to North Carolina as a valuable opportunity. He comments by saying, "The trip allows people to get to know one another better as people and as teammates, which both builds friendships that last well beyond our time at Dartmouth and prepares us to race effectively as a team during our season. It also allows everyone a bit of an escape from the stress of classes and work on campus."


Following their spring break training, many teams seized the chance to compete at the national level, journeying once again across the country to face stiff competition. Notably, the Figure Skating team secured a commendable 5th place at the national championship held in California, while the Men's Rugby team emerged victorious at Ivy 7s in Hanover. Furthermore, the Fencing team secured 11th place competing at the Collegiate Fencing Club Championships in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the Men's and Women's Club Volleyball teams competed at their nationals in Kansas City, Mo.


To conclude the term and commemorate the achievements of the club athletes, an award ceremony was held the evening of May 17th. Below, you can find the list of winners and descriptions of their awards. 


The Kenyon Jones Award  - is given each year to that student who, in the minds of the Recreational Sport staff, has exhibited a commitment to and love for recreational sport as exemplified by Ken during his 32 years of dedicated service to recreational sport at Dartmouth College. The student shall have either excelled in recreational sport or enhanced the opportunities for students to participate in recreational sport during their years at Dartmouth. 

Recipients: Christopher J. Picard '23, May Oo Khine '23


Charles Quincy Tirrell Cup -  is offered annually to that student who, in the judgment of the Department of Physical Education, has made the most satisfactory progress in physical and athletic development, taking into consideration qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, and achievement, due regard being given to the excellence of their work in the classroom.

Recipients: Audrey Herrald '23


Outstanding Leadership Award - is presented to a student or students who has been exceptional in the organization, administration and the competitive and sportsmanlike spirit of their club.

Recipients: Andy McBurney '23, Evan McMahon '24, Katherine Walther '25, Ryan A. Dudak '24